El-Meshri resigns from Muslim Brotherhood Group



    The head of the State Council, Khaled El-Meshri, announced his resignation from the Muslim Brotherhood Group, on Saturday, to continue working as a politician in Justice and Construction Party.

    El-Meshri said, in his statement on his Facebook page, that he had resigned because the group hadn’t considered the revisions of the tenth conference that was held in 2015. It is worth mentioning that the Muslim Brotherhood Group agreed, in the mentioned conference, to dissolve the group and move to institutional work through the civil society organisations.

    El-Meshri called the Libyans to work away from any slogans or titles that could affect the unity of the Libyans.

    However, he stated that since he joined Muslim Brotherhood Group, he found out that the group represented the moderate Islam and away from extremism as it was built on the brotherhood and patriotism.