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UN Security Council agrees to renew sanctions on Libya

Stephen Hickey - GOV.UK


The Security Council renewed, on Monday, the sanctions on the Libyan regime until February 2020. It had authorised action against illicit oil exports from Libya and added planning and committing sexual and gender-based violence as reasons for sanctions. Russia and China had objected the decision.

The Security Council also renewed the asset freezes and the travel bans on Libyan political spoilers.

From his side, the United Kingdom Political Coordinator to the UN, Stephen Hickey, welcomed, on Monday, the Security Council’s agreement to renew the Libya sanctions regime.

Hickey stated that “in particular, we welcome the fact that the Council has taken an important step by expanding the designation criteria to include gender-based violence. This sends a powerful signal that the international community will not tolerate such crimes.”

In his statement, Hickey added that the “sanctions remain an important tool for this Council and our work to support the Government of National Accord (GNA) and to stabilise Libya. However, they can only be one part of the solution, which requires full political reconciliation.”

He stated that “we reiterate our support to the Presidency Council and the Government of National Accord, headed by Prime Minister Al-Sarraj, as the legitimate executive authorities under the Libyan political agreement. The Council needs to be ready to take swift action against spoilers who continue to obstruct the peace, security, and stability in Libya.”