Home Reports Eleven killed and fifteen wounded in Um-Alaraneb clashes

Eleven killed and fifteen wounded in Um-Alaraneb clashes



The Mayor of Eastern Al-Sharqia in southern Libya, Mohamed Al-Arabi, said, on Monday, that the Battalion “Khaled Ebn Al-Waleed” and its supporting forces are in negotiations with armed groups affiliated with the Chadian opposition based inside the Chinese company. Al-Arabi stated that the talks aim to persuade the armed groups to surrender themselves.

Al-Arabi said that his forces had besieged the buildings of the Chinese company, pointing out that the area had witnessed a calmness after clashes on Sunday. The clashes resulted in killing one person and wounding others.

From his side, the manager of the department of medical affairs in Traghen hospital, Saleh Mayouf, said that the number of the victims of the clashes in Um-Alaraneb area had become 11 killed and 15 wounded as well as five kidnapped.

Mayouf stressed that the number of the victims is expected to be increased, adding that the hospital facilities are weak. The hospital lacks the essential equipment and tools.

Al-Arabi stated that they had communicated with the medical supply device and the medical centre in the city of Sabha and also with Red Cross asking them for help but had nothing.