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The PC denies reaching an agreement to unify the army



The Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) said in a statement, on Friday, that it supports the efforts to unify the military institution in Libya. The PC added that uniting the institution is significant to end the current division in the country.

The PC denied the statements of some media sources and other personalities about achieving a final agreement in Cairo.

The PC stressed that any agreement should commit to the core standards that mentioned in the Political Agreement. Adding that the primary criterion should be the separation of powers principles, and the military institution must be ruled by civil authority.

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the Dignity Operation, Ahmed Al-Mesmary, said that Cairo meetings had agreed to form a national security council, a supreme defence council, and a general leadership council to unify the military institution.

Al-Mesmary stated that the meetings agreed on the organisational structure and the duties of every council. He added that the meetings also decided to deal with the armed groups in the western side of Libya.

From his side, the head of the political department in Justice and Structure Party, Nezar Kawan, told the media, on Friday, that the priority for the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, is to support unifying the military institution in Libya.

Kawan called on Haftar to try his best to push forward to make the military institution authorised by a civil leadership. He added that Haftar should also give priority to securing the eastern side of Libya.

Kawan stated that his party agrees with Haftar in fighting terrorism and unifying Libya.

The member of military institution unification committee, Col. Salem Juha, said that according to the agreement draft, announcing the unification of the institution requires the attendance of a representative of the president of the country as the supreme leader of the army.

Juha pointed out that the meeting hadn’t tackled any other subjects, denying what had been published on media sources and social media about reaching an agreement by the Cairo meetings.