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Cairo meetings to unify the Libyan Army, why?



Some army officers affiliated with the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar had attended meetings in Cairo under the title “the Unification of Army Institution.”

The representatives of the Egyptian committee that works on unifying the Libyan army had participated in the meetings including representatives from the Egyptian General Intelligence Services and the assistant of the Defence minister. The meetings are continued held discreetly.

Military sources had told LIBYAPROSPECT that some army leaders from the western side of Libya had participated in the meetings. The sources said that Haftar had formed an army body consists of eight army battalions in Benghazi under the title of (the leadership of the western military region).

The sources stressed that Haftar’s forces are ready to start a military operation to enter the capital city, Tripoli, under the pretext of freeing Tripoli from the armed groups.

The sources stated that it is expected that the meetings would announce unifying the Libyan army and start to call some international sides to lift the arming embargo on Libya.

On the other side, sources on the western side of Libya had warned that there are suspicious meetings in Cairo held from time to time under the supervision of the Egyptian leaders to support Haftar’s side only.

The sources said that the intentions in those meetings to reach a political solution are not clear about unifying the military institutions in all Libya. The sources expected that the results of those meetings might come spurious because the supervisors of the meetings support Haftar’s side.

From his side, the commander of the military council in the city of Misrata, Ibrahim Bin Rajab, told a TV channel that his side refuses any settlement if Haftar is part of it.

Bin Rajab said that the attendants of Cairo meetings can only represent themselves, adding that any meetings outside Libya discuss the Libyan army issues should be refused.