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Interior Ministry: The start of the security arrangements



The Security Arrangements Committee had stated the latest in implementing the security arrangements depending on the cease-fire agreement. The committee pointed that it had transferred the results of its efforts to the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

After some meetings between the PC and the Interior Ministry of the GNA, the actual and executive steps had been started to stop the violations and to let the state to control the sovereign sites.

From its side, the Interior Ministry had announced that it had started to implement the security plan that was adopted by the committee for the sake of securing the Greater Tripoli. The ministry would direct all its devices to work on the steps. Implementing the plan consists of two stages, firstly to secure Tripoli city under the supervision of Tripoli Security Directorate, and secondly to secure the regions around Tripoli under the controls of the security directorates in those areas. It would also include arrangements for all Libyan cities with the participation of the security devices affiliated with the Interior Ministry.

The Interior Ministry called on the Libyan citizens to cooperate with security devices and respect and help the security men, which would raise the ability of the police to do the best in their hard work.