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Why Haftar exports scrap to Turkey?



A scrap shipment, which was prepared by the forces of the Dignity Operation last few days to be shipped to Turkey provoked reactions among observers in Libya.

It is known that the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar always considered Turkey as a sponsor of terrorism according to many statements from Haftar himself. Despite all that, Haftar had decided to sell the shipment to Ankara.

A freight carrier named (Farah Princess) had arrived in Brega seaport, eastern side of Libya, coming from Tunisia carrying the flag of Togo to ship about 4000 tons of ironic scrap to Turkey for the interest of Haftar’s army.

The shipment raised some questions about the targets behind it, mainly because Haftar accused Turkey of sponsoring terrorism.

An officer in the Chief of Staff in Tripoli said that it looks like that Haftar is trying to improve his relationships with the countries that he always accused them of sponsoring terrorism. Haftar hopes to build up partnerships with these countries as he thinks that business relations would bring recognition to him and his forces.

It is known for the observers that the scrap that Haftar’s forces had collected for sale had come from destroying Benghazi after four years war.

The officer said that Haftar doesn’t care about any reactions against him because he controls the eastern side of Libya by force.

Haftar’s former political adviser, Mohamed Buisier, told Arabi21 website that the Libyan law prohibits exporting the scrap because there are iron smelting industries in Libya, which makes the deal illegal.

Buisier stated that Haftar wants money and he is ready to sell even to Israel. He added that this deal means that with weapons anyone can offer anything for sale from Libya to the customer that pays better money.

Observers said that this deal proves that Haftar and his forces insist on exploiting the state resources for the sake of enrichment even from the national resources.

The observers clarified that Haftar doesn’t mind going for any suspicious deal under the pretext of funding his forces. Therefore, he could dare to do business deals with even his enemies.