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Does Saleh mean that Haftar obstructs the elections?



The head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, said in a statement, on Sunday, that the ones who try to obstruct the elections want the chaos and instability to remain in Libya.

Saleh’s statement raised a question about if he means the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, especially because Haftar attacked the expected election operation.

Saleh said in his statement that the election is the only way to remove the illegal bodies from the Libyan scene, pointing that the elected president would be able to unite the institutions and form a national government supervised by the HoR.

Saleh incited the Libyans against the HoR members who do not attend the meetings in the HoR HQ. He stated that there is a division between the HoR, the State Council, and the Presidential Council (PC), which prevents the accord from existing.

Saleh alleged that there is an arranged conspiracy to keep the chaos in the country to create an excuse for the external intervention in Libya to break through the national sovereignty.

Observers asked if Saleh was pointing to Haftar when mentioned the word “obstructers.” Why does Saleh insist on talking about the necessity of the elections this time?

The former Defence Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed El-Barghathi, described, in a press release, Saleh’s statement as a positive and brave step that wasn’t expected from him. He added that the HoR members who represent Barqa province and boycott the meetings of the HoR shouldn’t vote because they don’t represent the Libyan people anymore.

El-Barghathi stressed that the referendum on the constitution should precede the elections to put the conditions of electing the president of Libya and his term of office as well as the kind of the ruling system in the country.

Activists said that the disputes between Saleh and Haftar are going to be deeper because Haftar kept criticising the HoR so much lately. Therefore, it looks like that the statement of Saleh comes in the context of the continuity of the disputes between Saleh and Haftar.

Saleh started to feel that Haftar is going beyond the HoR because Haftar had used the HoR as his political front.

Saleh was trying to send a message that he refused Haftar’s statement when he denounced Saleh’s way of work. Moreover, Haftar said, lately, that he rejects the elections and the constitution.