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Voices from Misrata call for a ceasefire in Tripoli



The Political Gathering of the Deputies of Misrata (PGDM) called, on Saturday evening, the official military personnel and the supporting forces in the central region to support their leaders to play the role according to the decisions of the Presidential Council (PC).

The PGDM invited the factions of the clashes to a ceasefire and committed to the truce agreement that was signed in the city of Zawya. They also called the PC to define the official security forces that should secure the facilities according to a fixed schedule.

The PGDM also called the state institutions to cooperate in implementing the economic reform program to guarantee the success of the agreed procedures.

From his side, the member of the State Council, Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehli, asked the warring parties to restraint and ceasefire in the capital city.

Al-Swehli said that it is necessary to start implementing the security arrangements away from any pressures from inside the capital city or from outside. He stressed that it is significant for the United Nations to engage its security team in doing this.

He also pointed stated that it is essential to establish an executive authority trusted by the Libyan people through elections very soon.

The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Fathi Bashagha, announced that he refuses calling for the war in Tripoli, pointing that no wise would support the war or bloodshed.