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Mayors issue joint statement calling for a ceasefire



The mayors of the municipalities of Tajura, Central Tripoli, Abu-Sleem, Souq Al-Juma, and Misrata called for implementing the security arrangements and the ceasefire in the capital city, Tripoli, quickly.

The mayors issued, on Sunday, a joint statement in a meeting at Misrata Municipality in the city of Misrata, stressing that it is necessary to stop the clashes immediately to protect the souls and possessions of the citizens. They also said that whoever disagrees must hold the legal responsibility.

The statement called on all factions to stop the media escalation and the stimulation fuels the sedition. The mayors said that the clashing sides should accept the dialogue to resolute the problems and should criminalise the use of arms to impose the opinions by force.

In their meeting, the mayors talked about the commitment of preserving the social and brotherhood relations between the cities.

The mayors renewed their support to the agreement between the fighting factions, which was signed in the city of Zawya under the supervision of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL). They also called for starting directly in implementing the economic reforms depending on a precise schedule.