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Haftar: We will move towards Tripoli at the right time



The commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, said, on Thursday, that his forces are not related to the clashes that started in Tripoli since more than two weeks ago.

Haftar talked to a meeting of Al-Awageer Tribe in the eastern side of Libya. He said that the forces that move in Tripoli are not part of his army at all.

It is worth mentioning that Tripoli is still witnessing clashes between armed groups that caused the death of more than 100 civilians and injured more than 370.

The clashes are between some factions, some of them affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA) and other against it. There is another faction, the Seventh Brigade, which had come from the city of Tarhuna, about 70 Km south-east Tripoli.

The Seventh Brigade’s identity is unknown, but its spokesperson said that it is affiliated with the Defence Ministry of the GNA, while on the other hand, the GNA said it is not part of its forces. Others say that the brigade is affiliated with Haftar’s forces.

From his side, Haftar said that “we hadn’t moved to Tripoli, but when we think it is good time we would start moving to Tripoli.”

Haftar stated that the leaders of the militias in Tripoli had become rich, describing them as criminals “we advise them to leave Libya, or they would face the law,” Haftar said.

In another context, Haftar admitted that some regional countries, including the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, and Algeria, had supported him in his war in Benghazi over about four years.

Observers think that Haftar is using the UAE money while the UAE could get nothing from Haftar.

The observers said that Haftar is trying to enter Tripoli if he finds a kind of support from any armed side in Tripoli because he wishes to become the president of Libya without elections or constitution. The observers added that Haftar had realised that he could not become the president only if rules Tripoli.

The observers said that Haftar was trying to play a game when he said that he is not related to the movements in Tripoli. They think that he wanted the factions in Tripoli to destroy one another so he could then manage to move towards Tripoli.

  • John A Lincoln

    It is suggested that the best option for The United Nations and the World Communities to rescue the poor Libyans and Libya from lawlessness and terrorism is to find a way to arrest and to court process the power hungry opportune heads and stooges of Libya’s various Militia factions in Tripoli and in Benghazi, including Hfaitir, Bu-Gila and beneficiaries who are the main obstructers and spoilers of the Democratic Processes in Libya.