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Families trapped in the areas of clashes in Tripoli



The director of the media office of the Libyan Red Crescent (LRC), Aiman Kashkeer, said, on Thursday, that some families are still trapped in the area of clashes in Tripoli.

Kashkeer stated that there are no safe ways for the families to get out of the areas of clashes. He added that “we had received 300 calls to help the families to exit, but we couldn’t get them out.”

The armed clashes had intensified in the area of Mashrou Al-Hadhba. Eyewitnesses said that they had seen smoke rising nearby Hamza camp under the continued fall of missiles on different regions of south Tripoli.

the clashes also renewed around Al-Yarmouk camp in Khallat Al-Furjan nearby Ain Zara, south-east Tripoli.

In another context, the security units affiliated with Defence and Interior Ministries of the Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli said that they are committed to the cease-fire, which was signed in the city of Zawya on 4th of this month.

The security units pledged not to interfere or obstruct the Security Arrangements Committee.

From her side, the spokesperson of the Crisis and Emergency Committee of the Presidential Council, Hend Shubar, said that the preliminary statistics on the number of the displaced families from Abu-Sleem area and Mashrou Al-Hadhba is between 250 and 300 families.

  • M. Anwar Qureshi

    Any guess or time-frame when this conflict will end in TRIPOLI.