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Urgent message to Mr Ghassan Salame


By: Abdul-Razzaq Al-Dahish

Dear international ambassador;

Abdul-Razzag Dahish

The Libyans are not trusting the United Nations anymore. The story of the International Community had become a myth for the Libyans. The slogan of protecting the civilians in Libya had become a lie. Today, the story of protecting the civilians is collapsing in the minds of the Libyans.

This week, you have called the governors of the two divisions of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) of Tripoli and Al-Baida. Have you tried to press to unify the CBL institution and prepare for the reforms to ease the life for the Libyan people?

The mission of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) had only inspected the two divisions of the CBL to make sure that no money would go to the terrorist groups in the context of drying up the sources of terrorism.

Dear UN envoy;

While the heavy shells started on Monday falling on the civilians’ houses in the south-eastern Tripoli area nearby Khallat Al-Furjan, Salahuddin, and Ain Zara; there was a civilian protection aircraft catching a terrorist element in Bani-Waleed area randomly.

The terrorist element may move to Europe or America, but the tanks and the rocket launchers wouldn’t fall only on the Libyans’ heads.

Mr Salame;

Actually, there is no UN or International Community, but there are major countries that don’t care about Libya. The only thing they want from Libya is to make it a station for the terrorists from everywhere who might escape to Europe or America. The UN and the International Community do not care about the illegal migrants if they stay in Libya or not, they only care about how to prevent them from migrating to Europe through the Libyan coast.

The UN and the International Community do not care if some Libyans destroy Libya on the heads of the other Libyans. The UN and the International Community would only say that this is a particular Libyan issue and it is Libyan potteries break one another. They see the Libyans as the people that only burn each other. So how do you see the situation Mr Salame, the great international diplomat?

Dear Salame;

I remember when you met the journalists, which I had attended, you firmly refused to recycle the failure. So, what is the new now? Unfortunately, nothing is seen but the cumulative failure.