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Does Saleh want to extend for the HoR?



The House of Representatives (HoR) failed, on Monday, to convene to endorse the constitution referendum law because of the absence of the majority of the HoR members.

The head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, warned that it is possible to go to the presidential elections without any constitution according to some HoR laws.

The HoR had decided to postpone its meeting to the coming week to give the absent members a chance to attend.

Most of the HoR members argue that the law talks about dividing the country into three main constituencies, which contradicts the Constitutional Declaration.

The members who refuse to issue the permanent constitution support the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, because they know that releasing the constitution could prevent Haftar from becoming the president of Libya.

The adjournments and the obstacles prevent from the issuance of the referendum law. Moreover, the obstructer members kept obstructing the HoR meetings for a long time to give Haftar the chance to get ready to become the president of Libya either through elections without a constitution or even without votes.

Regarding Saleh’s warning, observers said that this is a new manoeuvre by Saleh and most of the members to extend for the current HoR because Saleh suggests implementing a law that talks about only presidential elections, not parliamentary elections. In this case, Saleh is becoming a real obstructer.

Saleh, who appears keen on issuing the law, doesn’t want to lose his HoR supporters, which means Haftar himself would lose his legal followers in the HoR.

From his side, the head of Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sowane, accused Saleh, on his Facebook account, of tempering the HoR meetings and obstructing the efforts of the Libyan and international sides who work on ending the crises.