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The Postponement of HoR meeting, what is next?



The House of Representatives (HoR) decided, on Tuesday, to suspend the official meeting of voting on the constitution referendum law.

The head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, announced that the meeting would be postponed to the next fortnight.

Some HoR members had refused the item “8” of the draft that talks about dissolving the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) in case the Libyan people refuse the constitution draft.

Some other members had called for cancelling the item “5” that talks about dividing the country into three constituencies.

Observers had accused Saleh of disrupting the issuance of the referendum law as Saleh might lose his power very soon after adopting the law.

The observers stated that Saleh and the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, as well as some others are trying to obstruct issuing the constitution that would unify the sovereign institutions and end the political division in Libya.

The apparent reason for cancelling the meeting was the protesters who closed the main entrance of the HoR HQ. The protesters had raised banners accusing the HoR members of treason. Some HoR members had expressed their fear of attending the session.

The postponement of voting had raised some questions, what are the reasons for the adjournment? Who is the beneficiary? What is the fate of the referendum law?

Journalists said that the first repercussion of the session is the loss of hope in the ability of the HoR to resolve the issue.

The journalists stressed that there are factions refuse issuing the referendum law and then the referendum itself.

Some HoR members refused the constitution draft as it excludes Haftar from becoming the president of the country.

Activists said that the HoR had become distorted and incapable of taking any real decisions, legislative or political. Therefore, the postponements would continue especially because the head of the HoR and some members try to prolong the crisis.

About who is closing or opening the HoR HQ, the activists said that this is a nonsense scene because the ones who work on continuing the crisis are behind the issue. Moreover, Saleh himself knows about what is going on. It is because Saleh and his followers want the members to give up attending the session, so Saleh and his followers would participate to decide as they wish, with no objections.

It is known for many observers that the HoR and the Interim Government in Al-Baida city cannot rule or decide only after taking the permission from Haftar.

Some bloggers expect that the last scene in this series is to see Haftar intervenes directly to prevent the HoR from issuing the referendum law. And as long as the HoR is under the control of Haftar and the two regional countries, Egypt and the UAE, it would remain unable to decide or even convene.