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Williams meets Al-Kabeer, Mitig, and Al-Sarraj



The deputy UN envoy to Libya, Stephanie Williams, met, on Sunday, the governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), Seddiq Al-Kabeer, in Tripoli.

Al-Kabeer and Williams talked about the expected economic reforms. Williams stressed the significance of the continuous commitment to the reforms progress operation in Libya.

In the same context, Williams met with the member of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Ahmed Mitig, two days earlier.

Williams renewed her support to the economic reforms program in Libya and the implementation of the GNA plan and the CBL.

Williams discussed with Mitig the ways of coordinating with the sides that concerned with the implementation of the program to end the economic crises and bring back the financial balance.

Williams also met with the head of the PC, Fayez Al-Sarraj, in Tripoli and talked about the updates in the political situation and the preparations that were taken for the success of the elections operation.

Al-Sarraj and Williams agreed on the necessity of working on preparing for the general elections. They also talked about the solutions of how to end the political crises under the supervision of the United Nations.