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The Tripoli demonstration, who is the beneficiary?



Some Libyan cities witnessed demonstrations, on Friday, calling for improving their living situations. The protestors condemned the continuity of electricity cuttings for long hours.

The demonstrators in Tripoli called for improving the living services and reactivating the state institutions before going to the expected general elections. They also urged the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) to leave, describing it as the government of foreign guardianship.

Eyewitnesses in Tripoli told LIBYAPROSPECTthat the number of the protestors is very few, but many citizens are so angry because the GNA is not able to solve the living problems. The eyewitnesses stressed that the Libyans fear of politicising the demonstrations.

Observers had raised questions about who stands behind the demonstrations and why some demonstrators called even the PC to leave the power with no any reactions from the armed groups affiliated with the PC.

It is worth mentioning that the situation in Libya is becoming more difficult because of the lack of liquidity and electricity cuts crisis as well as the increase in the prices of food.

On the other hand, some activists accused the former Libyan ambassador to the UAE, Aref Al-Nayed, of supporting this kind of demonstration because he considers himself as the only person who can rule Libya. The activists accused Al-Nayed of leading the campaign “No for an extension.”

Some other activists said that the main reason for the demonstrations is the harsh life the Libyan live, so the protestors call only for improving the living services regardless of who rules the country.

Bloggers said that some political and army sides in the eastern side of Libya had tried to focus on the corruption in Tripoli only, while the corruption in the east side of Libya is more severe than in the west.

Journalists noticed that the TV channels that support the demonstrations in Tripoli are working in the UAE and Jordan to support the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar. The journalists raised a question on why the demonstrations are against the PC and its government? How about the problems of the eastern side of Libya where the House of Representatives (HoR) spoils the political operation in Libya.