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Disputes between Haftar’s forces leaders in Derna



The clashes between the Dignity Operation forces that led by General Khalifa Haftar and Derna Protection Forces were renewed despite Haftar’s announcement of his control on the city.

Eyewitnesses said that clashes were repeated inside the alleys of the old city and Al-Maghar street last few days. They added that the clashes were started on Sunday but became more violent on Monday, which made Haftar’s forces use the artillery.

The eyewitnesses stressed that some more families and civilians started fleeing the clashes areas.

Security sources from Derna said that Haftar’s forces witnesses disputes among its leaders and its security apparatuses. The sources confirmed that some high-level security figures were arrested due to the disputes.

The sources stated that the commander of the anti-terrorism unit, Osama Al-Wersheffani, and the commander of Battalion 276, Mudhaffar Al-Ghaithi, who are affiliated with Haftar’s forces were arrested, while other figures were able to flee.

The sources said that the reasons for arresting these leaders were due to the disputes between the leaders of Haftar’s forces, as some leaders refused to give authorities to some armed Salafist leaders of the battalion 106 that led by the son of Haftar, Saddam.

The source clarified that these Salafist leaders started a big arresting operation in Derna to appropriate the private properties of the inhabitants, which was opposed by some military leaders.

The sources said that the Salafists had established a body to list the names of the supporters of Derna Protection Force so that they can control Derna.

It is worth mentioning that the Security Council expressed, on Friday, concern about the security and humanitarian situation in Derna, and called for stopping the violence.