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Jaghbub raises new crises between Libya and Egypt



Egyptian lawsuit had called for the annexation of the eastern Libyan Oasis (Jaghbub) to the Egyptian lands. The lawsuit had raised angry reactions in Libya, considering this kind of lawsuit as a theft of the real history and the land.

From its side, the Egyptian administrative court had decided to postpone the case to 20 September amid an Egyptian media campaign calling the Egyptian government to take quick action.

In Libya, the member of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed Ammari, called, in a statement, the International Community to prevent the “Egyptian tempering with the Libyan territories.” Ammari accused some Libyan factions of involvement with the Egyptian government in its illegal attempts.” He also accused the Egyptian government of using a politicised court and some suspicious media outlets.

Ammari described the issue as a dangerous development, adding that the Libyan media must talk about this riskiness, “they should expose the loyal and supporters of the Egyptian authorities and should mobilise the public opinion against them.”

In the same context, the Interior Minister of the Interim Government, Ibrahim Bushnaf, said that Jaghbub Oasis is Libyan, “it was never an Egyptian at all.”

Observers noticed that the Commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, hadn’t issued any reaction while the Oasis is located in the area he controls.

The observers raised questions about the silence of Haftar towards the issue, describing it as a suspicious silence. The observers asked, “what if the Egyptian court decides that the oasis is Egyptian?”

On the other side, the officer in the presidency of the army staff in Tripoli, Al-Taher Gharably, stressed that these movements are not new from the current Egyptian government. He stated that some supporters of the Egyptian government called for annexing Benghazi to Egypt. Gharably said that Jaghbub Oasis is very significant to the Libyans, politically, economically, and historically.

Gharably told Arabi21 website that the biggest loser, in this case, is Haftar because this issue would criticise him as he would appear as a traitor who doesn’t mind selling his homeland. Gharably added that Haftar must react very strong but “I don’t expect any reaction from him and the head of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, as they still have interests with Egypt.”

Historically, it is known that the issue of Jaghbub Oasis was settled since 1926 by an agreement on the boundary between the Egyptian and Italian governments.

Bloggers said that using this issue now puts Haftar and his supporters in the circle of the accusation because Haftar had tried many times to obstruct the positive efforts of the Libyan reconciliations and talks. This issue comes as a new obstacle in front of Egypt if it thinks of playing any decisive role to end the political dispute in Libya.

The bloggers said that the silence of Haftar and some other factions including the GNA in Tripoli is normal because they are involved in intelligence actions with the Egyptians against any expected Libyan stability.

They said that Haftar is committed to the Egyptian decisions even if they come against Libya’s interests.

It is worth mentioning that Egypt cannot decide to annex the oasis away from the International Community because it is against the international law.