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NOC calls for releasing abducted oil sector workers



The head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, stressed, on Monday, that the NOC will not pay for any blackmail and abduction operations.

Sanalla called the elders in the southern Libyan areas, especially Ubari, to help in releasing the abducted persons.

In the same context, the petroleum and gas labours union and the administration of the NOC called for improving the workers’ situation. They also demanded the workers not to obey the ones who carry out the operations of abductions against the petroleum sector workers.

It is essential reporting that the NOC announced that there was an attack on terminal 186 affiliated with Al-Sharara oil field on Saturday. The NOC said that an unknown armed group carried out the attack and kidnapped four workers including a Romanian worker. The group released two of the abducted workers on Monday.

In another context, an official from the oil sector confirmed that the production of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company ranged from 150 thousand barrels to 180 thousand barrels on Monday.

The official clarified that the rise in oil production had come after lifting the force majeure on the ports of the petroleum crescent.

It is worth mentioning that the international oil prices started falling, on Tuesday,  while observers expected a disruption in oil supplies in some countries including Libya.