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Al-Jheanawi meets Seyala and Haftar in Libya



The Foreign Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed Seyala, and his Tunisian counterpart, Khamees Al-Jheanawi, met in Tripoli, on Monday, to talk about reactivate the ways of trade exchange and resuming the agreements between Libya and Tunisia since 2011. They also spoke about exceeding the troubles on the crossing borders between the two countries.

The two sides discussed the recommendations of the joint Libyan-Tunisian preparatory committee. They talked about sending a high-level delegation to Tripoli in the second half of the current month. They also spoke of the latest political situation in Libya.

On the other side, Al-Jheanawi met, on Monday, the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, in Benghazi and talked about the political operation in Libya and the ways of how to bring the different factions together for the sake of ending the political division.