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TSD warns high school students of repeated riots



Tripoli Security Directorate (TSD) stressed, on Sunday, that it wouldn’t allow any new sabotage actions to happen by the high school students around the University of Tripoli. The security directorate denounced the sabotage actions that occurred on Saturday when the students demonstrated expressing their anger towards the difficult examinations in the English language. They burned tires on the high street.

The TSD accused who called them “the bats of the darkness of inciting a group of students to protest and chant against public figures for the sake of spreading sedition in the country.

The security directorate said, in a statement, that any new infringement actions from the students against the state facilities would be considered as a dangerous action; calling the parents to intervene to prevent their children from doing any new violations.

It is worth mentioning that some high school students demonstrated, on Saturday, after the final English language exam denouncing the difficulty of the exam.

From his side, the Education Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Othman Abdul-Jalil, expressed his satisfaction with the work of the supervisory committee of examinations in all areas in Libya.

Abdul-Jalil stated that the ministry would order the educational inspection department and its offices to identify the schools that hadn’t finished the educational courses. He stressed that the ministry would consider the reports of the department when correcting the exams and setting the grades.