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NOC announces lifting force majeure on oil ports



The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced, on Wednesday, that the force majeure was lifted on the petroleum crescent ports including the ports of Ras Lanuf, Es Sider, Zueitina and Hariga.

The NOC’s action had come after one month of declaring the force majeure as a reaction to the area ports crises.

The head of the Oil Corporation in Benghazi, Faraj Al-Hassi, welcomed, on Tuesday, the decision of the leadership of the Dignity Operation that had given the permission to the oil tankers to carry the oil from the petroleum crescent ports.

The Petroleum Facilities Apparatus (PFA) in the Middle and Eastern areas issued, on Wednesday, a decision to end the interception of receiving the ships to export the oil. The PFA had ordered its Oil Assets Units to resume the exportation operations.

The NOC in Tripoli stated, on Wednesday, that the oil production and the exportation would start “within the coming few hours.”

From his side, the head of the NOC, Mustafa Sanalla, called, after lifting the force majeure, to hold a national talks meeting to discuss the ways of the equitable distribution of the oil revenues in Libya. He said that the only way to end the crises is the commitment to transparency.

Sanalla called the responsible authorities, the finance ministry, and the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) to start publishing the details of the general expenditure and the budgets for the Libyans to monitor every Libyan Dinar spent from their oil wealth.