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Al-Kabeer welcomes the request of Al-Sarraj



The Governor of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL), Seddiq Al-Kabeer, welcomed, on Tuesday, the request to form a technical committee to revise the incomes, expenses, and the transactions of the CBL.

The CBL stressed in a statement that it is ready to cooperate with any committee to do the job, pointing that the CBL governor had called for this many time since 2015.

In the same context, the Central Libyan Bank in the city of Al-Baida had welcomed the same request for the condition of unifying the CBL under the chairmanship of Mohamed Al-Shukry and the supervision of House of Representatives (HoR).

It is worth mentioning that the head of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, had called for the formation of an international technical committee to revise the revenues, expenditures, and the transactions of the two divisions of the CBL in Tripoli and Al-Baida.

Al-Sarraj said, in a letter sent to the Security Council on Tuesday, that his request is for the public interest to show what was expended throughout the last period from any institution or body without exceptions. He added that this would be a significant step towards unifying the institutions.

Al-Sarraj commented that his request comes as a reaction to the illegal actions in the area of the petroleum crescent, which resulted in suspending the exportation of the oil. He also commented that those unlawful actions had affected the state economy and put it in a dangerous situation.