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Libyan Citizen Closes Al-Sharara Oil Field



A source in Al-Sharara oil field said, on Sunday, that the field was closed for unknown reasons.

The source added that the oil field production in the south side of the country doesn’t reach Al-Zawya oil port in the north.

Al-Sharara field was closed several times recently, which caused drops in oil production in six months and recorded an output of 750 thousand barrels a day after registering more than one million barrels earlier than that. The National Oil Corporation (NOC) had estimated the size of losses at 27 million US Dollars during two days of closing the field.

From his side, the head of the NOC, Mustafa Sanalla, said that terrorist groups had closed oil fields. He condemned shutting the fields in reacting to the problems of kidnapping, cutting salaries or arresting people.

In the same context, sources stated that a Libyan citizen closed one of the valves of Al-Sharara field alleging that the pipelines are polluting his farm in the city of Al-Zintan.

The citizen said that his farm of six acres was affected by the pipelines and made it ruined.

He added that last year he closed the pipelines for the same reason, but he reopened them. He stressed that the same affections happened again, so he reclosed them again.