Home Editorial The appearance of Gaddaf Al-Dam on Al-Nayed’s TV, why?

The appearance of Gaddaf Al-Dam on Al-Nayed’s TV, why?



The cousin of Muammar Gaddafi, Ahmed Gaddaf Al-Dam, appeared last few days on Libyaschannel TV that founded and led by the former ambassador to the UAE, Aref Al-Nayed.

Gaddaf Al-Dam, who lives in Egypt, attacked the Libyan revolution against Gaddafi’s regime. He confirmed that he had asked his relatives in Egypt, Awlad Ali to intervene in Libya.

Gaddaf Al-Dam said that the political dialogues under the supervision of the United Nations are not serious, adding that Libya is a humiliated country and “we have to bring it back as a free country as it was under Gaddafi’s ruling system.”

Gaddaf Al-Dam also talked about Muslim Brotherhood, saying that they are not more than 400 members, but they are controlling the government in Libya. He said Libya had paid two billion Egyptian pounds to Mohamed Morsi’s regime to arrest him but “I defended myself by bullets.”

Observers said that the appearance of Gaddaf Al-Dam on Al-Nayed’s TV had provoked and angered many Libyans who were refusing Gaddafi’s ruling system, while others said that Gaddaf Al-Dam has the right to express his opinion like everyone.

Activists revealed that there is a deal managed discreetly between Al-Nayed and Gaddaf Al-Dam on the expected general elections in Libya. The activists asked if Gaddaf Al-Dam had paid for the interview on Al-Nayed’s TV channel to promote for Gaddaf Al-Dam and his followers,

Other observers said that some of the supporters of Gaddafi’s regime had reconciled with February’s revolution, but Gaddaf Al-Dam is a hated person by most of the Libyan people because after the revolution he said that he is Egyptian.