Home Reports Explosions in Benghazi killed and wounded more than 130

Explosions in Benghazi killed and wounded more than 130



The spokesperson of the Security Chamber in Benghazi, Tareq Al-Kharraz, said, on Wednesday, that the two explosions in Al-Salmani area in the city of Benghazi killed 35 people, on Tuesday.

Al-Kharraz added, in a press conference, that the explosions resulted in injuring 62 and other 45 with minor injuries but left the hospital after treatment.

Al-Kharraz stressed the importance of the role of the citizens by registering their vehicles, warning that the security devices wouldn’t be tolerant of the vehicles with the darkened glass or the ones with no number plates.

It is essential mentioning that two cars exploded in front of Al-Redhwan mosque. The first car bomb killed and wounded some victims, and the other car bomb was detonated about half hour later to increase the number of the victims.

The former interior minister, Ashour Shawail, said that Benghazi needs organised security and army devices to work on securing the city and finding the criminals, adding that Benghazi would remain targeted, so it requires cooperation between the citizens and the inhabitants.

The Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) announced, on Wednesday, mourning for three days.

The PC said that it had taken the necessary procedures to provide the treatments for the victims of the criminal operation.

The commander of the central security chamber in Benghazi, Wanis Bu-Khamada, said that his army had started the investigations.