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Qassem: Migrant smugglers change their smuggling points



The spokesperson of the Navy forces, Ayoub Qassem, said, on Tuesday, that the illegal smugglers had changed the smuggling sites from the western areas of Libya to the middle region, which increased the number of the illegal migrants.

Qassem said in a press release that the improved weather had increased the number of the migrants. He added that the smugglers are following new plans after they left the city of Sabratha and moved to the areas in the east Tripoli such as Garaboulli and Al-Khoms.

Qassem warned the new areas that in case of the continuity of smuggling the migrants with the significant numbers in 2018 it would be a hard year for the Libyans, socially and economically. He stated that the coast guards are not receiving enough support to face the issue.

Qassem accused the international organisations of taking advantage of migrants suffers for the sake of marketing themselves on the media as if they are providing humanitarian aid.

Qassem called for replacing these organisations with the Red Crescent because it is more able to take the responsibility.

He also called the officials to meet with the international organisations that work in Libya to make them determine their activities. He asked the officials to monitor the activities of these organisations inside the shelter centres.

It is worth mentioning that the coast guards rescued more than 270 illegal migrants nearby Garaboulli coast on Monday.