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Haftar’s confusion makes him contradicts himself



The latest statement of the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, about the general elections operation had come contradictory because, on the one hand, he said he supports the process but on the other hand he stressed that Libya is not ready for democracy.

Haftar said, in a press interview, that it is important to organise the elections operation shortly, stressing that it should be transparent and compulsory. Then he added, in the same context, that Libya is not ready for democracy yet.

Haftar stated that if the way to go for elections is closed, then “we have sleeping cells in 10% of the Libyan lands that we can control and activate them.”

Haftar had criticised what he called them (naïve) who believe in bringing back the son of Gaddafi, Saif Al-Islam, to the political scene, adding that Saif Al-Islam is a poor man who is used by some sides for money.

The contradictions in Haftar’s statements raised some questions about his case; is it true that Haftar is confused about the elections? Why had he called for the election before endorsing the constitution?

Observers think that Haftar is suffering and confused between two significant issues, on one side he looks failed and not qualified to achieve what his supporters want from him. His supporters want him to play the role of the strong and the only leader. On the other side, it looks like that Haftar is not that smart and strong leader who can exceed this crisis.

The observers said that Haftar sometimes appears as the weak and broken when he calls for the elections, but some other times he refuses democracy.

Some activists said that Haftar’s statement is a sign that he is preparing himself to refuse any results of the elections because he already rejected the Political Agreement.

Other observers commented that Haftar doesn’t respect democracy and he has no alternative way but to accept the elections to show the world that he respects democracy for the sake of finding anyhow to offer himself as the ruler of Libya.