Home Reports “Ras Ejdear crossing” back to normal after clashes

“Ras Ejdear crossing” back to normal after clashes



An officer in the Municipality of the city of Zuwara, eastern side of Libya, said that Ras Ejdear crossing between Tunisia and Libya started working, on Sunday, after clashes around it between two sides of the force of the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The clashes that started on Friday resulted in killing two persons before controlling it by one of the two battalions.

From his side, the Mayor of Zuwara said, in a press release, that the Tunisian authorities had strengthened the security procedures on the crossing borders.

He also clarified that any security side has the right to work on securing the region, especially after the clashes.

The mayor added that the PC guarding forces and the supporting forces had attacked the area nearby the crossing borders. He stated that Ras Ejdear crossing is under the control of the Interior Ministry of the GNA.