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Supreme Court to decide on the constitution draft in January



The Supreme Court in Tripoli said that it might convene in January to look at the appeals of the members of the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) against the decisions of the court of the city of Al-Baida that decided that voting meeting of the CDA was not legal.

A judicial source said, in a press release on Saturday, that the expected meeting of the Supreme Court in Tripoli would issue the final decision because the court of Al-Baida is not specialised in dealing with the appeals of the members of the CDA.

It is worth mentioning that the CDA voted, last July, on passing the draft, but some CDA members had appealed in front of Al-Baida court against that.

From its side, the court in Al-Baida decided, last August, to accept the appeals and stop transferring the draft to the House of Representatives (HoR). The same court suspended its decision, last October, and announced another decision to accept the appeal of the head of the CDA until relooking at the whole issue another time.

From his side, the member of the CDA, Abdul-Hamid Jebril, one of the appellants, had announced, in a press release, that appealing in front of the court in Al-Baida was because the CDA is located in the same city. He added that the other reason is that the CDA had already expired according to the Political Agreement.

On the other hand, other CDA members announced, last November, they had submitted another appeal in Tripoli against the previous appeal.

The member of the CDA, Al-Badri Al-Sharif, had told the media that the ones who had appealed in Al-Baida were motivated by political agendas, pointing that the Supreme Court should make the final decision in Tripoli.