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Sanalla: The exploded pipeline needs one week to be fixed



The head of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, said, on Wednesday, that the petroleum pipeline that was exploded on Tuesday would need about one week to be fixed.

It is essential to mention that the commander of the petroleum institutions guards, Muftah Al-Megaryef, had told Reuters that it looks like that terrorist groups are responsible for exploding the pipelines because they move freely in the desert nearby the pipes.

The NOC said that the explosion, which was occurred 130 Km away from Al-Sedra oil port, caused a production failure of almost 100 barrels per day. The NOC added that the reason for the explosion is still unknown.

Sanalla said that the explosion had affected 30 to 35 meters of the pipeline.

Sanalla explained that this wouldn’t affect the marketing program, but it would cause a small change in the capacity of the entire production. But other source stated that confirmed that the production had increased to become less than million barrels a day.

A source from Al-Waha Oil Company said that a team of senior officers would visit the location to evaluate the losses.

Al-Megaryef stated that a leakage in the crude oil was fixed but wasn’t covered underground, adding that if it was covered it would prevent the attackers from exploding it.