Home Editorial After the rise of Haftar’s scandal, what next?

After the rise of Haftar’s scandal, what next?



The Director of Grassroots Political Consulting LLC, Daniel Faraci, said that the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, had contracted with him to promote him and his family in the United States.

Faraci stated on his Twitter page that he feels proud of representing Haftar’s family in front of the American administration to help Haftar achieve what he called it Haftar’s vision in rebuilding Libya.

It is worth mentioning that the former Haftar’s political advisor, Mohamed Buisier, talked, on Saturday, about a leaked document that was forged and published by Haftar’s loyalists.

Buisier said on his Facebook page that “Haftar’s supporters hadn’t left any other way for me but to tell the full story to reach the truth.”

Buisier stated that he visited Haftar in October 2015 “Haftar asked me to intensify my efforts in the United States for the sake of creating a political atmosphere to support the war against the terrorism in Libya.”

Buisier confirmed that he told Haftar that he has to choose one of two ways, either through signing a contract with a promotion company in the US or through establishing a non-profit organisation to do the job of increasing the number of his supporters in Washington. He added that Haftar had chosen the second option.

Buisier said that he had prepared a brief study, adding that Haftar’s supporters had changed the date of the study and published it. He revealed that the one who had changed the date was stupid and naive because he had forgotten to erase the last line in the study, which says “… using the political vitality that was created by the atmosphere of the American elections,” clarifying that it is known that the time was by the end of 2015.

Observers said that this scandal could affect Haftar’s situation, asking about the attitudes of the regional countries that support Haftar. But it is worth mentioning that the Egyptian Parliament denounced, on Monday, the latest statement of the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, who said that the Political Agreement was expired on 17th December.

The Arab Affairs Committee in the Egyptian Parliament clarified that Egypt is trying to convince Haftar to change his attitude towards the Political Agreement and accept it as the only solution to end the crisis in Libya.

The committee stressed that Egypt supports the Political operation and the action plan of the United Nations Envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, to reunify the Libyan factions and the military units in Libya.

The question now is how the International Community would deal with Haftar especially after the visit of the French Foreign Minister to Haftar who had advised him to respect the Political Agreement?