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Buisier: Haftar signed contract with Israeli intelligence officer



Mohamed Buisier, the former political advisor to the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, talked, on Saturday, about a leaked document that was forged and published by Haftar’s loyalists.

Buisier said on his Facebook page that Haftar’s supporters hadn’t left any other way for me but to tell the full story to reach the truth.

Buisier stated that he visited Haftar in October 2015 “Haftar asked me to intensify my efforts in the United States for the sake of creating a political atmosphere to support the war against the terrorism in Libya.”

Buisier confirmed that he told Haftar that he has to choose one of two ways, either through signing a contract with a promotion company in the US or through establishing a non-profit organisation to do the job of increasing the number of his supporters in Washington. He added that Haftar had chosen the second option.

Buisier said that he had prepared a brief study, adding that Haftar’s supporters had changed the date of the study and published it. He revealed that the one who had changed the date was stupid and naive because he had forgotten to erase the last line in the study, which says “… using the political vitality that was created by the atmosphere of the American elections,” clarifying that it is known that the time was by the end of 2015.

Buisier added that it is not logical to talk about presidential elections in the US in April 2017 as Haftar’s supporters alleged, only if they meant the elections of 2020.

Buisier said that “Haftar was the one who asked me to help him and I tried to do so for free.” Buisier stressed that Haftar had agreed and signed on the study, but his signature was erased from the study by the ones who had published the fake one.

Buisier stated that “my estimation was $400 thousand, and I didn’t ask for anything for myself,” adding that “there was nothing distorts me because even what I estimated for myself, as the head of the organisation, was on the expenses of the accommodations and travelling without any salary.”

Buisier said that Haftar had agreed on all that and asked me to communicate with his son “Okbah” in Virginia for implementation. He added that Okbah was better than his dad because he gave me other appreciated opinions, then I told his dad.

Buisier stated that he no longer had enthusiasm for many reasons, one of the reasons was that the US administration had started discovering Haftar’s own ambitions, which made it difficult to make any positive change.

Buisier carried on saying that by the beginning of 2016, “I received news that Haftar had signed a contract with a Canadian PR company for more than $6m,” adding that “that time I was in Paris airport and called friends in Washington asking about that PR company, then I discovered that its owner was the Israeli intelligence officer, Ari Ben-Manasha, who had participated in the operation of Iran-Contra affair.”

Buisier said that he contacted Haftar’s office in Al-Marj to advise them not to deal with the Israelis because it would cause a negative impact.

From the above, Buisier concluded that Haftar’s supporters are in a case of collapse and are not able to open wars only on individuals so they can only lie and forge.

Buisier also concluded that it is the final stage in the story of Haftar who “I had tried to help to gather the people around him, but his limited capabilities could lead him to the fate of Aidid.”

On the financial side, Buisier stated that “it was me who had supported them because I spent thousands of US dollars for phone calls and other things including Haftar’s bulletproof jacket, I hadn’t asked them for the prices.”