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Haftar’s forces attack Libyan singer in Benghazi



The head of Libyan Women’s Platform for Peace, Al-Zahra Langi, said, on Friday, that the singer Waseem Adel was broken in his pelvis after being attacked by elements of the commandos’ forces that affiliated with the forces of the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar.

Langi revealed, on her Facebook page, that the Salafist commander Abdul-Fattah Bin Ghalboun had incited his force against Adel, describing him as a malignant Palestinian who disseminates the vice among the girls in Benghazi.

Langi called the local and the international organisations to stand against this kind of abuses and violations that had been implemented by military Salafist forces against the civilians in Benghazi.

Langi also called that mayor of Benghazi and the other authorities to denounce these abuses.

It is worth mentioning that the social media had circulated a video clip shows Bin Ghalboun, wearing a military uniform, inciting his force against Adel.

Adel had participated in local and international festivals, including the sixth Arab Children Festival in Sharjah where he won the first prize.