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Haftar announces the end of the Political Agreement



The commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar, said in a recorded speech, on Sunday, that all the Political Agreement bodies had lost the legitimacy by the start of Sunday, 17th December.

Haftar stressed that his army is not affiliated with any legitimate or illegitimate side unless the Libyan people elect it.

Haftar stated that the country is witnessing a dangerous historical turning point these days, adding that the world is monitoring what is happening in the country.

Haftar declared full obedience to the wills of the people despite the challenges and threats.

He said that the Libyan people are the guardian of himself and the source of the authorities who can decide freely. Haftar vowed to the people that his forces would protect the wealth and the institutions.

Haftar said that the Libyan citizen had lost his patience after the sacrifices to achieve the stability, which had become so far from reaching because of the Libyan crisis and the conflicts of the regional and international in Libya.

Haftar stated that by the beginning of the day of 17th December “we can see the signs of entering a new dangerous stage warning of severe deterioration in the local affairs, which might be extended to include the regional and international sides and open the doors for the all possibilities with the carelessness of the world who would pretend that it cannot find any chance for solutions.

He stressed that the people hadn’t seen any proactive measures in dealing with the situation despite the brilliant slogans of the dialogues between the conflicting factions starting from Ghadames meetings until Skhirat talks.