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El-Barghathi refuses to personalise military institution



The Defence Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mahdi El-Barghathi, announced, in a meeting with army officers in the city of Al-Zawya on Sunday, that he refuses the personalisation of the military institution. He stressed that he keens to build and develop the powers and the technical fighting abilities of the army in all its fields to enable it to do its job in defending the homeland and supporting building the country.

The media office of the Defence Ministry said that El-Barghathi had shown his great pride towards the army in the western area of Libya in securing the essential sites and defeating the operations of infiltration and smuggling.

El-Barghathi had saluted the army and police officers for their efforts to counter the terrorism and the robbery looting gangs that threaten people’s lives.

El-Barghathi stressed that the Libyan people are united against the challenges and the threats that try to target the security and stability of the homeland.