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Libyan Journalists’ statement against Amnesty International



Amnesty International published, on 24th November, a statement on its Arabic version Facebook account inciting its followers to put pressure on the UA-EU Summit in Abidjan to call the UA and EU leaders to work on releasing the detainee African migrants in Libya.

Reacting to the statement, Libyan journalists issued a statement, on Sunday, denouncing publishing an image with Amnesty International’s post. They described the post as shocking.

The journalists expressed their grave concern with the promotional poster that was accompanying the statement that says: (In Libya, you can buy two persons at the price of this phone).

The following is the text of the Libyan Journalists’ Statement:

Statement of Denunciation

Condemning Publishing Image of Incitement to Violence and Hatred Against the Libyans

“We, a group of Libyan journalists, followed up the statement of the Amnesty International Organization on its Facebook account on 24th November 2017, calling its followers to call the AU-EU summit that was convened on 29th and 30th of November in Abidjan to release the detainee African migrants in Libya.

We, as Libyan citizens and as professional journalist and media activists who look for the truth, express our grave concern with the promotional poster that was accompanying the statement that says:

(In Libya, you can buy two persons at the price of this phone)

The poster, with its false allegations, gives an impression that the slave markets have opened in Libya. Worse than that is that the Organization hadn’t thought about the moral and material harm caused to all Libyans.

Many Libyans had been subjected to verbal and physical violence in many places in the world because of the news lack accuracy, credibility, and fairness, which had increased the feelings of hatred towards the Libyans and the Libyan interests in some countries.

Although we do not accept treating the migrants with bad behaviour by some criminal groups, the migrants are not the only victims of those actions. Even the Libyans are suffering from these gang behaviours.

However, we are sure that those evil acts hadn’t been reached the level of human trafficking and sell the migrants in the slave markets.

In fact, the Libyan state institutions are making every effort, on all levels, to come to the truth despite the suffering of the institutions. Until now, the fact is that the allegations are not based on any evidence except some video clips surrounded by doubts of fabrication.

Based on that, we reiterate our protest against your post and call you to clarify the reasons. We also ask you to consider its severe consequences and work on withdrawing it; then to apologize to the Libyan people who had suffered the moral and material harm because of that. The organization should take its ethical, legal responsibility because of its wrong post, which incites violence and hatred.

We wished to concentrate on praising the roles of the organization in protecting the human rights and defending his lost rights, but we were shocked by the post and call for withdrawing it for the sake of opening a new page of cooperation and communication with the organization.

Until then, we can do nothing only to wait for your practical response regarding this matter.”

The Libyan Journalists

Issued in Tripoli on 3 December 2017

The list of the Libyan journalists signed in alphabetical order:

No. Name Profession
1- Abdalrzak Adahsh Journalist
2- Abdalwahab Mlitan Journalist
3- Abdelgader Alhadiry Journalist
4- Abdelsalam Botto Journalist
5- Abdullah Ismail Alwafi Journalist
6- Abualkasim Albusefi Journalist
7- Abubakr Albaghdadi Journalist
8- Adel Alrabee Journalist
9- Ahmed Abushash Journalist
10- Ahmed Rahhal Journalist
11- Aimen Abostefa Journalist
12- Ala Drissi Journalist
13- Al-Hadi Al-Gargouti Journalist
14- Al-Hadi Alhaji Journalist
15- Ali Aboukhris Journalist
16- Ali Alkrami Journalist
17- Ali jawashy Journalist
18 Ali khweld Journalist
19- Almabrok Bezik Journalist Director
20- Anwa Bazza Journalist Director
21- Ashref Aljornaze Journalist
22- Atef Elatrash Journalist
23- Attallah El Mezughi Journalist
24- Bashir Zabia Journalist
25- Ekhlas Emhalhal Journalist
26- Emad Al Alam Journalist
27- Emad Ghdara Journalist
28- Eman Ben Amer Journalist
29- Ezeddin Abdulkarem Journalist
30- Fadel Sager Press Photographer
31- Faraj Hameda Journalist
32- Faraj Hamza Journalist
33- Fathi Ben Issa Journalist
34- Fatma Gandour Journalist
35- Habib Aoun Journalist
36- Hafed Muammer Journalist
37- Hanan Alhoni Journalist
38- Hanan Assaiah Journalist
39- Hanan Farhat Journalist
40- Hesham Al-Said Journalist
41- Husameddin Altayeb Journalist
42- Hussin Albakoush Journalist
43- Ibrahim Amami Journalist
44- Ismail  El Bueishi Journalist
45- Jalal Albakoush Journalist
46- Jalal Othman Journalist
47- Jamal Alkafali Journalist
48- Khairallah Ibrahim Journalist
49- Khairi Sheriff Cartoonist
50- Khaled Alhnsher Journalist
51- khaled Ali Aldeeb Journalist
52- khaled Gulam Journalist
53- khaled Khebrish Journalist
54- Khamal Almzwge Journalist
55- Laila Moghrabi Journalist
56- Maher Alawami Journalist
57- Maher El Shaery Journalist
58- Mahmoud Al-Busaifi Journalist
59- Mahmoud Sokni Journalist
60- Mahmud Shammam Journalist
61- Mahmuod Elsharksi Journalist
62- Mariam Ali Saleh Journalist
63- Mohamed Alblely Journalist
64- Mohamed Alhajaj Journalist
65- Mohamed Khalifa Al-Kaseh Journalist Director
66- Mohamed Khalil Journalist
67- Mohamed Rahomy Journalist
68- Mohamed Saleh Journalist
69- Mohamed Sultan Journalist
70- Mohammed Aburas Journalist
71- Mohammed Alarabi Alhooni Journalist
72- Mohammed Gajoum Cartoonist
73- Morad Dakhil Journalist
74- Motasem Al Hararey Press Photographer
75- Motaz Kraif Journalist
76- Mouayd Skander Journalist
77- Moutaz Mathi Journalist
78- Naima Al-Twati Journalist
79- Nuri Kriwa Journalist
80- Nuri Rwemid Journalist
81- Omar Matoq Journalist
82- Othman Altif Journalist
83- Othman Ismail Journalist
84- Rabea Habbas Journalist
85- Rabee Dhan Journalist
86- Ramadan Kharnafoda Journalist
87- Raoof Hmida Journalist Director
88- Rida Faheel Album Journalist
89- Rida Issa Journalist
90- Safwan Abosahmen Journalist
91- Salah Ngab Journalist
92- Salma Madny Journalist
93- Sliman Gashout Journalist
94- Suad Aswehli Journalist
95- Susan Ashour Journalist
96- Taha Krewi Press Photographer
97- Tarek Albaruni Journalist
98- Tarek Erwimed Press Photographer
99- Tareq Al Gzeeri Journalist
100- Tareq Alhouny Journalist
101- Thoria Shaban Journalist
102- Wael Abdallah Journalist
103- Walid Al-Backoush Journalist
104- Wedad Bin Neran Journalist
105- Younis Al Fenadi Journalist
106- Yousef Al-Ajeali Press Photographer
107- Zakariea aAl Hegaze Journalist