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Amnesty International promises to apologise to the Libyans

Erwimed : Amnesty International should apologise to the Libyan people


The Libyan journalist, Tarek Erwimed, said on his Facebook account, on Monday, that an official from Amnesty International Organization talked to him about the Libyan journalists’ statement that condemned the poster of the organization inciting its followers to put pressure on the UA-EU Summit in Abidjan to call the UA and EU leaders to work on releasing the detainee African migrants in Libya.

It is worth mentioning that Amnesty International published, on 24th November, the statement on its Arabic version Facebook account. Reacting to the statement, Libyan journalists issued a statement, on Sunday, denouncing publishing an image with Amnesty International’s post. They described the post as shocking.

The journalists expressed their grave concern with the promotional poster that was accompanying the statement that says: (In Libya, you can buy two persons at the price of this phone).

Erwimed said that the officer tried to justify the poster and said that she was surprised by the journalists’ denunciation. Erwimed added that the official apologised because the Libyans didn’t understand the reason for the poster. He stated that the official stressed that the organization hadn’t taken any decision depending on press reports but depending on documented reports talk about human trafficking in Libya. She told Erwimed that the poster was a message sent to the politicians in Libya to stop human trafficking. She added that Amnesty international would publish its report on the issue and called the Libyan journalists to attend and participate in issuing the report.

Erwimed said that he told the official it was strange for Amnesty International to incite violence and hatred against the Libyan people instead of protecting human rights in the world. He added that this kind of poster is not suitable even for animal rights.

Erwimed told the official that “we haven’t heard about any reports on human trafficking in Libya, we don’t know how Amnesty International issues such reports while it pulled out its team from Libya three years ago.

Erwimed asked the official about who had written these reports, are they affiliated with the organization? Or the organization just relied on press reports?

Erwimed stated that the official hadn’t answered these questions, “so, I asked her to read the Libyan journalists’ statement well as it was signed by more than 100 Libyan journalists because it talks openly about the slave trade lie in Libya.”

Erwimed said that “the official tried to apologise, but I refused to accept her apology over the phone,” adding that “instead, Amnesty International should issue an official statement to apologise to the Libyan people who had become the victim of the violence and hatred speech.” Erwimed told the official that Amnesty International should also withdraw the poster.

Erwimed asked the official “don’t you think that the poster was insulting the Libyans? Because the poster was a message of hatred and violence from an international organization that should protect the Libyan citizen’s rights.” He added that the organization had become a party that practices the hate speech and violence and should apologise.

Regarding the report that the organization prepares to issue, Erwimed said that he told the officer that the reputation and the role of Amnesty International are in front of a difficult test because the organization had lost its confidence in Libya after publishing the poster. Erwimed told the official that “the Libyan journalists wouldn’t cooperate with Amnesty International only after it apologises to the Libyan people, and the one who published the poster must be held accountable.

Erwimed stated that the official promised that she would talk to her organization and consider the statement of the Libyan journalists.