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Libyan journalists condemn Amnesty International post

Amnesty International's promo poster: In Libya, you can buy two persons at the price of this phone


Amnesty International published, on 24th November, a statement on its Arabic version Facebook account inciting its followers to put pressure on the UA-EU Summit in Abidjan to call the UA and EU leaders to work on releasing the detainee African migrants in Libya.

Reacting to the statement, Libyan journalists issued a statement, on Sunday, denouncing publishing an image with Amnesty International’s post. They described the post as shocking.

The journalists expressed their grave concern with the promotional poster that was accompanying the statement that says: (In Libya, you can buy two persons at the price of this phone).

The journalists said in their statement that “the poster, with its false allegations, gives an impression that the slave markets have opened in Libya. Worse than that is that the Organization hadn’t thought about the moral and material harm caused to all Libyans.”

They added that “many Libyans had been subjected to verbal and physical violence in many places in the world because of the news lack accuracy, credibility, and fairness, which had increased the feelings of hatred towards the Libyans and the Libyan interests in some countries.”

They clarified that “although we do not accept treating the migrants with bad behaviour by some criminal groups, the migrants are not the only victims of those actions. Even the Libyans are suffering from these gang behaviours. However, we are sure that those evil acts hadn’t been reached the level of human trafficking and sell the migrants in the slave markets.”

The journalists announced that “based on that, we reiterate our protest against your post and call you to clarify the reasons. We also ask you to consider its severe consequences and work on withdrawing it.”

They called the organization to apologize to the Libyan people who had suffered the moral and material harm because of that. They added that the organization should take its ethical, legal responsibility because of its wrong post, which incites violence and hatred.