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Tobruk airport prevents UN plane from landing



The member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Iman Saif Al-Nasr, confirmed, on Saturday, that a UN plane was prevented from landing on Tobruk airport coming from Tripoli.

The plane was carrying 29 members of the HoR to attend the HoR meeting on Monday and Tuesday.

Saif Al-Nasr said that the crew of the mission supervising the trip confirmed that the flight was preventing despite having the permission to land at the airport. The team added that it is unacceptable especially at this critical time.

From his side, the member of the HoR, Amer Omran Nasr, said that “we denounce preventing the plane from landing,” adding that “banning the members of the highest authority in the Libyan state from attending the significant meetings is not accepted because it reflects the chaos and the absence of the law as the militias are controlling the country and killing the civilians.”

Nasr called for accounting the ones who are carrying out these crimes and show the truth to the Libyans.