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Seyala and foreign diplomats talk to UNSC on Libya



The Foreign Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed Seyala, said in front of the Security Council in New York, on Thursday, that his government is keen to support the efforts of the United Nations to end the Libyan crisis.

Seyala stated that the variation of political interests between the active parties in Libya had disabled the GNA functions, which had affected the services in Libya.

Seyala added that “we wish to find rapid solutions for the Libyan consensus,” confirming that the GNA is taking all actions to support the High National Elections Commission (HNEC) to prepare for the elections.

He stressed that no military solution is possible for the Libyan crisis, clarifying that it is significant to reunify the military institution under a civic leadership.

Seyala condemned throwing the human bodies in Al-Abiar around Benghazi, describing it as a war crime. He confirmed that the GNA had called the Security Council to start investigations on the latest airstrikes o the city of Derna that killed civilians including children and women.

He added that the Libyans are suffering from the oil smuggling on the hands of armed groups, clarifying that freezing the Libyan assets is harming the interests of the Libyans.

Seyala stated that the GNA keens to cooperate with the United Nations Envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, to end the division in Libya. He added that the Libyans shouldn’t go for the elections before coming to the national reconciliation in Libya.

From his side, the French envoy to the UN stressed that the oil revenues should be under the control of the Presidential Council (PC) of the GNA.

The French diplomat called for fighting the flow of weapons and oil smuggling as well as stopping the shadow economy in the country.

He stressed that Libyans should take the responsibility to hand over the wanted war criminals to the International Criminal Court (ICC). He also asked the Libyans to deal positively with illegal migrants.

The American envoy to the UN said that there is a real chance for Libya to end the disputes and the battles to achieve the political stability.

The American diplomat stated that the primary objective is to prepare for the elections after the completing the Libyan dialogue.

The American stressed that the stability in Libya would limit the expansion of Daesh, adding that it is essential to support the Libyan sides in the Libyan National conference that expected to be convened next February. She condemned the oil smuggling.

The envoys of Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, and Senegal expressed their countries’ support for Salame and the Libyans to end the crisis.

They called the Security Council to unite its efforts for the sake of ending the crisis in Libya, refusing the military solution as the Libyans are suffering from the division and the dangerous situation.