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HoR and State Council suggest amending Political Agreement



Members from the House of Representatives (HoR) and the State Council provided, on Sunday, a comprehensive initiative to amend the Libyan Political Agreement in Cairo depending on the action plan of the United Nations Envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, and the negotiations of the two committees of the two sides in Tunisia.

The initiative said that the Libyan executive authority, the Presidential Council (PC) should consist of three members representing the three provinces in Libya. The first meeting of the suggested PC should prepare the internal regulations and select unanimously the prime minister who must be from outside the PC.

The initiative suggested that the head of the PC’s roles are to represent the country internationally, accredit the ambassadors and the foreign bodies, and to supervise the works of the PC. It added that the other authorities should be up to the whole PC.

The initiative said that the HoR and the State Council implement the mechanism of selecting the PC within ten days after endorsing the amended Political Agreement. The State Council can appoint one of the members of the PC while the HoR can choose the other two.

The initiative stated that the prime minister should provide his government ministers’ list, within ten days, to the HoR for endorsement. Then, the HoR should meet in ten days later to vote for approval.

The PC should appoint another prime minister in one week, in case the HoR refuses the first appointment. In this case, the HoR has the right to refuse the government just once.

Regarding the Term “8”, the initiative stressed that the PC, as a whole, becomes the supreme commander of the Libyan army. The HoR and the State Council should form a committee under the supervision of the UN envoy to guarantee to implement the criteria of geographical and political balance.

For the constitutional operation, after the amendment of the Political Agreement, a formed committee from the HoR and the State Council should prepare the law of the referendum of the constitution to guarantee the consensus between the constituencies.

The initiative suggested that the Constitutional Drafting Assembly (CDA) should end its legitimacy by the first days of the next March. The CDA should repeat its voting on the constitution draft within ten days after amending the Political Agreement.

If the CDA fails to provide the draft within its time or if the referendum says NO to the draft, the PC must form a committee of experts to do the job instead of the CDA to amend the constitution of 1951.

The initiative clarified that the PC and the government must be based in Tripoli, but they can convene in any other city.

It stressed that the security procedures should be implemented by the PC in all cities under the supervision of the UN. It talked even about the national reconciliation, emphasising that the PC and the government work on imposing the security and stability as well as the rebuilding and the wheel economy.