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Reactions accuse Haftar of killing 37 civilians



Bodies of 37 killed persons were found in Al-Abiar area, east Benghazi, a few days ago. The bodies found handcuffed and shot on heads.

Sources said that the bodies found in the area that controlled by the commander of the Dignity Operation, General Khalifa Haftar.

The sources reported that the killed persons were military personnel and arrested in prison affiliated with Haftar’s forces for months.

The war crime had provoked Libyan and international reactions, criticizing Haftar’s forces.

From his side, the member of the House of Representatives (HoR), Zeyad Dughaim, stressed that the leadership of Haftar’s army and the Interim Government take the responsibility. He added that the issue had reached the end that cannot be tolerated.

Dughaim called for investigations with many security services because the crime is horrible and the number of the ones who found killed is significant. He stated that it is not possible to acquit the security and military services in Benghazi.

On the other side, the member of Dar Al-Ifta, Sami Al-Saadi, described the crime as a typical outcome of a criminal project, accusing Haftar’s forces of carrying out the offence.

In the same context, the member of the HoR, Osama Al-Shaafi, said the military chief of staff of the HoR, Abdul-Razek Al-Nadhouri, is responsible because he is the army governor of the eastern side of Libya between Dern and Bin-Jawad.

Al-Shaafi added that it is not fair to remain silent even if it is transformed to the International Criminal Court (ICC) because it is a crime against humanity.

Haftar had ordered the military prosecutor investigate, but his order met reactions. The activist, Sami Al-Shamis, commented on Haftar’s order by saying that “Haftar is the main accused of the crime calls for investigations,” adding that the military prosecutor is not related to the issue because the victims are civilians.

The member of the HoR, Faraj Abdul-Malek, had condemned the crime and accused Al-Nadhouri. Abdul-Malek expressed that he refuses the operations of killing, kidnapping, and the enforced disappearance, calling for activating the laws in the country.

In Tripoli, the Presidential Council (PC) of the Government of National Accord (GNA) had condemned the crime, describing it as a terrible crime.

The PC promised that it would follow and arrest the criminals to bring them to justice.

The writer, Mohamed Buisier, said, on his FaceBook account, that the perpetrators are known to the inhabitants of the area.

Buisier clarified that the families of the victims were insisting on accepting the condolences openly despite the interventions of the security services to prevent them from doing that.

Buisier pointed that Haftar is responsible and must do something about the crime otherwise he would be accused of participating in the crime.

The justice and Construction Party called the PC to and the Attorney General in Tripoli to start investigating urgently.

The party stressed that it is necessary to find the criminal and punish them. The party called for supporting the interior ministry in Benghazi.

The party called the Libyans to unify against the criminals and their supporters. It also refused terrorism and the military ruling.

The spokesperson of the Derna Shura Council, Mohamed Al-Mansouri, had condemned the silence of the International Community who is neglecting the crimes of Haftar and his forces and their efforts in destructing Benghazi and carrying out the war criminals against the Libyan civilians.

Al-Mansouri said that anyone disagrees with Haftar is killed. He added that the crisis started with killing civilians and throwing them in the garbage dumps in Benghazi and Al-Zait Street.