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Rumours in Tunis about suggesting names for the PC



The committees of the State Council and the House of Representatives (HoR) had met for the third day, on Sunday, to discuss, in closed meetings, the amendments of the Political Agreement.

The most important issue the two sides talked about is reducing the number of the members of the Presidential Council (PC) to only three, a president and two deputies, instead of remaining nine members. The meetings also talked about separating the Government of National Accord (GNA) from the PC.

Close sources to the meetings said that some had suggested names for the PC with the current PC president, Fayez Al-Sarraj, under the condition of appointing two deputies, one from the eastern side of Libya and one from the west.

Some had leaked that there is a rumour of selecting a personality from the south of Libya in the PC, adding that some had stressed that the head of the HoR, Ageela Saleh, to be appointed as the first deputy in the PC and the head of the State Council, Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehli, as the second deputy.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) confirmed that the drafting committee talked about the opinions of the two committees who suggested forming the PC and the authorities of the PC and the government as well as the mechanism of appointing the new members of the PC.

The UNSMIL stated that the meetings talked about the amendments of the Political Agreement without suggesting any personalities to be appointed to the political position.

The leaks and the expectations of forming the new PC raised questions such as; How the Libyans would react to imposing some personalities like Saleh and Al-Swehli. Does this mean that Al-Sarraj had become a matter of fact to remain as a president?

The UNSMIL’s media officer said that the role of the UNSMIL is to organize the meetings under follow up its operations, confirming that no names had been suggested.

Observers stated that every side in the meeting had pressed to get a bigger share in the new PC, adding that the pressures are continued unprecedented.

Activists stated that it is not expected that the attendees suggested any names because it is not possible to appoint Al-Swehli as he is from the western side of Libya like Al-Sarraj.

The activists stressed that the HoR in Tobruk and the State Council in Tripoli had failed to do anything to end the crisis in Libya, suggesting that the two bodies must leave the political scene.

Other observers said that it is illegal to amend the Political Agreement because the original Political Agreement should be included firstly in the Constitutional Declaration.