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Faraj: the meetings in Tunisia are in good atmosphere



The head of the committee of the Political Agreement amendments, Moussa Faraj, talked about the unseen scene in the meetings of the unified drafting committee the convenes in Tunis.

Faraj said in a press release, on Sunday, that the meetings in Tunisia are in a respectful atmosphere, adding that the only thing the sides agreed on is reducing the number of the members of the Presidential Council (PC) to only three, a president and two deputies, separated from the government.

Faraj said that the meetings hadn’t talked about any names to be appointed to form the PC. He also confirmed that no one had attended the meeting only the two delegations and United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).

It is worth mentioning that the meetings are attended by two delegations, the committees of the State Council and the House of Representatives (HoR).

Faraj clarified that the two sides had disagreed and still under negotiations are the authorities of the PC, adding that the meetings were good and no side had imposed names during the discussions.

Faraj criticised the way the media tackled the amendments of the Political Agreement. He commented that the press dealt severely with the meetings and spread out rumours instead of telling the facts. He stated that that is why “we will hold a press conference on Sunday after the end of the final meeting.

About the next step, Faraj said that after finishing the meetings in Tunisia, the two delegations would go back to Libya. He added that “our committee would open negotiations with the State Council members in Tripoli to come to one opinion, then we expect another meeting after one week in Tunis.