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Security Directorate announces state of emergency in Tripoli



The Central Security Directorate in Tripoli, declared, on Sunday, a state of emergency, confirming that it won’t permit the demonstrations that were announced by the activist, Basit Igtet.

It is worth mentioning that Igtet announced that the demonstrations would start on Monday in Martyrs Square in central Tripoli.

The Directorate confirmed that the members of the movement of the protests have no clear vision on where to start their demonstrations. It added that they have no headquarters to get any permission, which means that they are not qualified to get the permission according to the local laws.

In the same context, the Directorate closed the ways that lead to Martyrs Square; they also deployed patrols for inspections everywhere in Tripoli.

From his side, Igtet confirmed that he would arrive in Tagoura area in Tripoli on Sunday, adding that “I will be close to the demonstrators in Martyrs Square.”

Igtet, called, earlier, for demonstrating against the political bodies that control the country such as the Presidential Council (PC) and the House of Representatives (HoR).