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Neighbouring countries support UN solutions for Libya



The foreign ministers of the neighbouring countries of Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria, discussed, in their meeting last two days, ways to support the political solution in Libya.

The meeting, which was held on the sidelines of the meeting of the General Assembly in New York, talked about the points of views on the efforts to support the national political consensus. They also talked about supporting the role of the United Nations in supervising the political solution for the Libyan crisis.

The spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu-Zaid, said that the ministers talked about the efforts of every neighbouring country to help the Libyans to reach the national consensus and converging the attitudes on the controversial issues in the Political Agreement.

Abu-Zaid confirmed that there was an agreement to keep the communication channels and the consultation between the three neighbouring countries. They also agreed to hold their next meeting in Cairo.

Abu-Zaid stated that the ministers had evaluated the initiatives and efforts that already implemented by international sides to help in solving the Libyan crisis, including the London meeting on Libya and the high-level meeting on Libya in New York under the supervision of the UN.