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Al-Kowary: UAE violates UN decisions in Libya



The Qatari mission to the United Nations denounced, on Saturday, the speech of the Emirati Foreign Minister, Abdulla bin Zaid, because he accused Qatar of supporting the terrorists.

The third secretary of the Qatari mission, Ahmed Al-Kowary, reacted to the accusation by saying that “instead of accusing Qatar, the UAE must stop violating the decisions of the Security Council on Libya.

It is worth mentioning that the United Nations accused, last June, the UAE of violating arms embargo imposed on Libya by providing fighter jets to the House of Representatives (HoR) affiliated army that led by General Khalifa Haftar.

The UN said, in its report, that Abu Dhabi had provided material and direct support to Haftar’s forces. It considered the UAE as a support violation of the imposed arms embargo.

It said that the UAE had provided material and direct support to Haftar’s Army, which significantly increased air support.

“Equipment sent to Libya became increasingly complicated,” the report said. It added that the foreign support to the armed groups regarding technical assistance, training, and direct support increased.

Al-Kowary said that the Emirati statement represents the continuity of the allegations and fabrications of the four countries, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Al-Bahrain, and Egypt who still try to distort the reputation of Qatar to affect its relations with the world.

Al-Kowary considered that the procedures of the four countries on Qatar for three months are a full blockage on Qatar and a clear violation of the UN charter.

In the same context, the Qatari delegation to the UN had expressed their rejection of the blockage by withdrawing from the meeting at the beginning of the Emirati minister’s speech.