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Haftar escorts himself with special forces in Tunis



The media section of the Dignity Operation that led by General Khalifa Haftar published, on Thursday, a video shows the special intervention forces that accompanied with Haftar in his visit to Tunisia, last Monday.

About 30 elements appeared in the video wearing the army uniforms and armed at night boarding an army plane. The video showed armoured cars equipped with modern communication devices besides the military aircraft.

The video also showed Haftar arriving at the Tunisian airport and welcomed by the director of the presidential office then welcomed at Carthage palace by the Tunisian president, Beji Caid Essebsi.

According to Arabi21 website, the member of Tunisian Parliament, Emad Al-Daimy, said that Haftar attempted, deliberately, to humiliate Tunisia and the Tunisian people.

Al-Daimy added that Haftar’s media section published the video to show that he had brought 30 bodyguards from the Libyan side that he controls, stressing that publishing the video was a provocation.

Al-Daimy stated that the security accompanies of the official foreign visitors, including the presidents and kings, usually limited to some very light personal weapons.

Al-Daimy described this kind of behaviour as bad from Haftar because it carries a bad meaning as if Haftar wanted to say that Tunisia is not stable and secured.

Al-Daimy stated that it was a mistake to open the honorary hall for Haftar because, in the protocol, the gallery opened only in welcoming the kings or presidents. The ministers and the other prominent guests usually pass through another ministerial hall in the airport.

From his side, the Secretary-General of the Republican party, Esam Al-Shaby, said the scenes of the video are similar to the war landings and not as guards with the guest.

The Secretary of Al-Irada political party, Anan Munasser, said that the video is carrying some messages. He added that “I imagined that it was Egyptian and Emirati military parade,” commenting that “since the last visit of the former Iraqi president Saddam Hussain to Tunisia no other official guest had come with such forces.”

He added that this is a real scandal and a violation of to the presidential traditions, which didn’t happen even when Hillary Clinton visited Tunis in 2013.

Tunisian activists said that Haftar was trying to copy Muammar Gaddafi, adding that Haftar is using the Emirati money for his showing up.

Tunisian media sources stated that the security elements of Haftar weren’t allowed to leave the airport, but few of them were let in after disarmed.